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The following is the selective out of what I read in around half a century, mostly from British Council Library in Calcutta and New Delhi.
Good part of all this does reflect a touch of British Indian History.

Under the Black Flag

The great age of piracy in the Western world began in 1650 and was brought to an abrupt end around 1825, when naval patrols drove the pirates from their lairs and mass hanging eliminated many of their leaders. Capt. Kidd, Capt. Blackbeard, Capt. Henry Morgan, Capt. Black Bart and others were projected as violent, cruel and avaricious who operated from exotic locations. Little is known about how the pirates of the seventeenth and eighteenth century were different from the good people of England and the continent who lived to the dictates of monarchs and other aristocrats. These pirates were the original democrats. They came together voluntarily. A hundred years before the French Revolution, the pirate companies were run on lines in which liberty, equality and brotherhood was the rule rather than the exception. On a pirate ship the captain was elected by a vote of majority of the crew and he could be deposed if the crew were not happy with his performance. The crew and not the captain alone decided the destination of each voyage and whether to attack a particular ship or to raid a coastal village. The written article, signed by all, stated the distribution of plundered goods and compensation during battle. A handful of pirates were educated and a smaller number were even black sheep of the privileged classes. It was the lure of plunders and desire for an easy life that brought them together in an uneasy partnership. Reflecting on above we do feel some similarity with some present youths, who are educated and even well of, looking for some expected thrill and games to join unknown adventures.

Do parachute jumpers get a chance to rehearse?
A man is not old when his hair turns grey,
A man is not old when his teeth decay,
But a man approaches a long last sleep,
When his mind makes appointments his body can’t keep.
On the film sets, a lady asked Peter O’Toole, “What is acting?”
“If you have to ask madam, you aren’t got it”. Peter O’Toole replied.
Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounded him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.

He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.

Hitler had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way he lived and the manners of his death that will live and grow after him.

- J.F KENNEDY (in his Dairy)
“Whatever was best in your family…. I got it Whatever was best in my family…. You got it”
-Capt. Mehta to wife Neelu
“The world of Greene is a world of greys”
-Pico Iyer on Graham Green
"The prevalent Gender Gap/Trap expects women to be “handmaidens” to domesticity”
-Rebecca Solnit

In early childhood, I was made aware of the greatness of “Pankaj Mullick”, an all round singer and director of music of his era.

What invariably fascinated me most was:
Who wrote the song? .... Pankaj Mullick
Who directed the music? .... Pankaj Mullick
Who sang the song? …. Pankaj Mullick
I was always his ardent admirer.
During our working life around 1958 in Calcutta, I was astounded one Sunday to listen from AIR that they have sucked their regular Singer Pankaj Mullick. The reason given was that they had decided that harmonium is outdated and should not be played on AIR. This was not acceptable to Pankaj Mullick. He picked up his harmonium & just walked off.
No Comments.
Personally I felt that it was an insult to all his vast admirers.
Later on, AIR did rectified their blunder to our peace and admiration.

Joseph Stalin

Some views expressed by world leaders.

There was a great Marxist called Lenin, who did two or three million men in, that’s a lot to have done in.

But where he did one in: that was a great Marxist Stalin who did ten in.
-Robert Conquest
Stalin was undoubtedly the tallest personality of our time, and as such is bound to leave his mark on history.
-M N Roy
It is right to say that Marshal Stalin’s weight and influences had been in favour of peace.
-J L Nehru to Parliament
Every crime was possible for Stalin.
He was one of those rare and terrible dogmatist, capable of destroying nine tenth of human race to “make happy” the remaining tenth.
Stalin was a dictator and gave Russia yet another taste of dictatorship. He even shook hands with Hitler.
-Nehru after his visit to Russia
Stalin identified himself with industrialism; he committed the crime in the name of steel, of turbines of tractors.
-Philip Sprath

World Poetry Day… 21st March

Some thought provoking ideas:
Does poetry need to be saved ?
Proclamation by UNESCO says:
“In today’s world, there are unfulfilled aesthetic needs. Poetry can meet the need if the social role of interpersonal communication is recognised and it continues to be means arousing and expressing awareness.” Unhappiness is a kind of YOGA.
Do you want to be happy or do you want to write.
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my songs;
I thought that love lasts for ever;
I was wrong.

“Pluck the day when it is ripe, trusting as little as possible in the future.
-Poet Horace -65 BC
“I sometime have the sense that Bengalis care more for the tress in Tagore’s song than they do for trees on soil.”
-Sumona Roy in “How I became a tree”
“Love will rise like a Phoenix, Friendship will follow with children of God, But just, one has to be turned inside out.
-Santanu Acharya in “Imagine”
“Slanting silver ropes slammed into loose earth, ploughing it up like gunfire.”
-Arundhati Roy in “God of small things”
Alfred Noble, a Scandinavian businessman; made lot of money through transaction in armaments especially through his company “Bofors” around 1800.One day he happened to read a premature obituary of himself, when a French newspaper confused him with his brother, who had died. The obituary called him the “Merchant of Death”. This broke his heart.He went on to bequeath his vast fortune to institute something that would make his name honourable.Thus the “NOBLE PRIZES” were born.
Nothing is more expensive than ignorance in action.
“Their pay is small but income is good”
-Common perception regarding: Govt. employees during British Regime
  • Some women forgive and forget. But they don’t forget what they forgave.
  • It is popularly believed that Roza (fasting) teaches us to concentrate on activities other than food.
  • If that is what it is, where is the problem of feeling hungry? ….That’s what Pir Mohammad advocated.
  • A girl who sticks to her knitting never falls far a yarn.
  • A room without books is like a body without soul.
  • You can’t keep an open mind and mouth at the same time.
  • I have measured out my life with “Coffee Spoons”.
    -T.S. Eliot
  • Tolerance has never provoked a civil war; Intolerance has covered the earth in carnage.
  • “It is curious how sometimes memory of death lives on for so much longer than the memory of the life that it purloined”.
    -Arundhati Roy in “God of Small Things”
  • When virtue and modesty enlighten the charm, the lustre for a beautiful woman is brighter than stars.
Vijayanthimala fasts was becoming a character rather than acting out a character.
-Re. Vijayanthimala in “Hindu”
This man was deeply religious yet “extremely realistic” at the same time.
-Charlie Chaplin, On Mahatma Gandhi after he met him in London in 1931.
It is when words fall that weapons are used. Diplomacy and writing can go together, as words are the weapons in diplomacy.
…… and keep no records of wrongs
-Lakshmibai Tilak, In her autobiography “Smruti Chitre”
All architecture is a search for paradise on earth.
-Alvar Aalto (Finnish Designer)
Magic indicates clever manipulation with no actual change. Fast losing its Midas touch.
Value of a compromise is that it can supply a bridge across a difficult period.
-Aga Khan
“A calm and modest life brings more happiness that the pursuit of success with constant restlessness”.
A handwritten note on happiness that Albert Einstein gave to a bellboy in Japan in 1922. It was later sold for $1.56 million at an auction in Jerusalem.
“Is there a limit to imagination of a writer who takes real facts and uses them to construct a world where Truth and Fiction coexist?
“Mess isn’t necessarily an Absence of Order- A study using clustered desks and shop fronts by researchers at the University of Groningen, Germany, made similar conclusions. -Abrahamson Freedman, Author of “A perfect mess”
It is prudent to err on the side of caution rather than relying on interpretation of law alone.
Unless lions have their own historians, the story of hunt will always glorify the hunter.

1834- Slavery abolished in U.K.

Other Men’s Flowers.
-A.P. Wavell,Field Marshal Viscount Wavell

Some abstracts:

  • Damn your writing, Mind your fighting.
  • There’s but the twinkling of a star, Between a man of peace and war.
  • Man cannot tell but Allah knows, How much the other side was hurt!
When things are going badly in battle; the best tonic is to take one’s mind off one’s own trouble by considering what a rotten time one’s opponent must be having.
What you have lost, few women in history have and how you have endured it, there are still fewer in history.
-from a letter of condolence to Mrs J. Kennedy on assassination of President Kennedy
I don’t think, it is altogether inappropriate to introduce myself. I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris. And I have enjoyed it.
-in 1961 President Kennedy was on official visit to France. Jacqueline, his wife, was the crowd puller everywhere!
Some Jews who fled Hitler…. (Hungary) to USA, during WWII became world famous for their contribution to:
Teller –Nuclear Scientist
Szilard- Nuclear Scientist
Neumann- Nuclear Scientist
Capa- War photographer
Arthur Koestler- Writer
Oppenheimer- Creator of Atom Bomb
Einstein- Scientist
Korda- Film Director
-and what not!

“Silence is one of the many ways in which we communicate with each other. Often the most powerful things can be said by not saying anything. Silence sometime (or invariably) conveys emotions better than speech. Any change, even for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”
-Enoch Arnold Bennett
“Smiles are the same in any language.”
“Today is the yesterday I’ll regret tomorrow.”
In 1857, the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah aged 83 years, was put on trial by British Military Court. In his defence, it was argued that since he was the emperor of India (Hindustan), it was British who should be considered the rebel and not him.
“We don’t need a working majority – We need a majority working.”
“The rotten luck is the residue of bad choice.”
“Golf is eventually a Massive in pursuit of the minute. -Oscar Wild
Thuggee was rampant as a religiously inspired criminal conspiracy. Perpetrators prided themselves as Secret Sect – a gang of Assassins.
The so called First war of Independence of 1857 was neither First nor National nor a war of Independence.

To read the mind-set of Benito Mussolini-
The Doctrine of Fascism:

  • The first and most fundamental is the primacy of the State’s interest over the individual’s right.
    The fascist’s conception of life stresses the importance of state and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincides with that of the state (Italics Mine)
  • The second principle is the primary of the state over the Nation.
    It is not the nation which generates the state…. rather it is the state which creates the nation.
  • The third is the rejection of democracy.
    In rejecting democracy, fascism rejects the absurd conventional lie of political equalitarianism.
  • Fourth is the State’s Non-Secular character.
    The fascist state sees in the religion, one of the deepest of spiritual manifestations and for this reason, it is not only respects religion but defend and protect it.
  • Fifth, laying the other four principles together is a conception of the state as repository of all virtues.
    The State is the conscience of the Nation.

Manners are the outward expression of expert Interior decoration.
I continue to tell foreigners how great we are. Before I die, I would like once again to be able to believe in myself.
A woman could never be a president. A candidate must be over 35 years… where are you going to find a woman who will admit that she is over 35. -EW Howe
The best way to get a husband to do anything is to suggest that he is too old to do it.
When they told that by the year, woman will rule the world, My reply was “Still?”.
Men talk to women so that they can sleep with them. And women sleep with men so that they can talk to them. -EW Howe
My husband and I had best sex during the divorce. It was like cheating on our lawyers.
I’m never through with a girl until I’ve had her three ways. -John F. Kennedy
A survey asked married women, when they most want to have sex?.. 84% of them said right after their husband is finished.
They are working for Viagra for women. Are they crazy? That’s been for hundreds of years – it’s called “cash”.
Pointing to Winston Churchill in Parliament, a member said “Your fly buttons are undone”. “No matter, the dead bird doesn’t leave the nest”, was prompt reply from Winston Churchill.
Why can’t people in theatre behave like normal human being ? There would not be a theatre if they did.

Utterances of Noel Coward:

  • The only way to enjoy life is to work, work is much more fun than fun.
  • Without America, we would have no Coca-Cola, no Marilyn Monroe and hardly any good literature about sex.
  • Table d’hote is marriage.
  • Free lore is a La Carte.
  • Life goes on and little bit of us get lost.
  • The world to me will always be a gamble, I don’t care if I win or I lose.
  • I don’t approve of mourning, I approve a remembering.
  • If little knowledge is dangerous; how much do you need to feel safe?.
  • Following with nature, it insists that there has to be a creator.
  • After given us all the freedom, the creator is a mere spectator.

In public speaking, the present trend is that Style is gaining ground over substance.
Regarding R.K. Narayan’s work: NO TENSIONS NO PRETENSIONS
“Because my English is already as Indian as any Indian language”. -R.K. Narayan
People, who can visualise, prefer Radio to Television.

Contentions of Sandra Lee Bartky (1935-2016) – A Chicago born feminist philosopher:

  • Women were subconsciously submitted to men by accepting an unnatural cultural standard for the ideal female body – which is “Tyranny of Slenderness”.
  • Women suffer from self-loathing, shame & guilt – (International Oppression) fostered by cultural cues about their bodies that devalue them if they do not meet the prescribed standard.
  • Women are encouraged to take up as little space as possible; ascribing to slimming.
  • The requirement that a woman maintains as smooth and hairless skin, carries further the theme of inexperience for an infantilised face must accompany her infantilised body, a force that never ages furrows its brow in thought.
  • The face of the ideally feminine woman must never display the marks of character, wisdom and experience that we so admire in men.
  • Women are also programmed to adjust their gesture, cosmetics, ornamentation and every other aspect of their appearance to comply with a dominant patriarchal power structure. These are not sexual differences, they are constructed.
  • The disciplinary project of feminist is a “Setup”. It requires such radical and extensive measures of bodily transformation that virtually every woman who gives herself to it, destined to some degree to fail. Feminists are not aware of different things than other people. They are aware of same thing differently.

K.L. Sehgal, the all-time great singer of North India, is a Guru aglore. He has left no human aspect untouched and has played every string of life. My mind refuses to address him as “Late KLS” because I am convinced that he is immortal.



A peep into his life:-

His primary school conduct report:
Number in class 30
Position in class 30

  • His father Lord Randolph (Chancellor of Exchequer) thought of him as ‘a young stupid and definitely not to be trusted’.
  • He had phenomenal memory…..recited by heart 1200 lines from Macaulay’s “lays of ancient Rome “at Harrow (his school).
  • “I am cursed with so a feeble a body that I can hardly support the fatigue of the day “During his days at ‘Sand hurts’.
  • He was great admirer of beautiful women, but was self-centered and gouache in their company .He had already proposed to Pamella and Ethel only to be rejected by both. His ardent courtship with Clemtine resulted in their marriage in September 1908.
  • Talking of his mother "In my interest she left no wire unpulled, no stone unturned, no cutlet uncooked ……"
  • Before the first night of ‘Pygmolion’, George Bernard Shaw wired Churchill “am reserving two tickets for you for my premiere. Come and bring a friend if you have one”.
  • Churchill replied “impossible to be present for the first performance. Will attend the second, if there is one”.
  • When Churchill was running for office for first time, he went door to door to ask for vote. He knocked on the door of an irritable man and introduced himself, “Vote for you? Why, would rather vote for the devil.” “I understand” answered Churchill.” But in case your friend is not running, may I count on your support?”
  • Churchill appeared to be asleep in his seat in the House of Commons. “Must you fall asleep when I am speaking?” asked the fellow MP.
    “No, it is purely voluntary” Churchill said
  • 1939 he took over as first Sea Lord. He welcomed his staff with the portrait of Admiral Nelson eyeing the proceeding. He concluded his speech “gentleman, to your tasks and duties”.
  • S.S.’ Enchantress ‘was placed at his disposal as first Sea Lord. Until the outbreak of war Churchill spent eight months on board inspecting shipyards and naval establishments. He said “largely my office, almost my home”.
  • During the war he was asked whether he was flattered by the crowds drawn by his speeches .Churchill replied “it is quite flattering, whenever I feel this way, I always remember that, if instead of making political speech, I was being hanged, the crowd would be twice as big”.
  • His World Crisis was published in 1923 Belfour quipped “A brilliant autobiography, disguise as a history of the universe”.
  • 1920 in Iraq under King Faisal ….. “Living on an ungrateful volcano. Has Faisal not got some wives to keep him quite”?
  • He envisaged “ By the banks of the Jordan, a state of three or four millions Jews under the protection of British empire to take care of Britain’s Zionist obligations”.
  • 1921 president Sinn Fein and De Valero of Ireland were received at 10 Downing Street. Collin commander of IRA astounded at the offer of a Truce “You had us dead beat. We could not have lasted another 3 weeks ….we thought you must have gone mad”.
  • “All my life I have played all or nothing” (when Poland got isolated)
  • “While the Germans used bombs, we only dropped leaflets”.
  • “Let them have it.Remember this; never maltreat the enemy by halves”.
  • “Defeat is one thing; disgrace is another”.
  • “You can always take one with you” His invasion slogan.
  • “There I sat with great Russian Bear on one side of me , with paws outstretch; and on the other side the great American Buffalo and between the two set the poor little English donkey, who was the only one of the three who knew the right way home”.
  • Under the international Law the government of the United State could not sell Arms directly to government of Britain. Arms and ammunition earmarked were sold lock stock and barrel to the US steel export company for $37,619,556.60 who thereupon sold it to the British government for exactly the same amount down to the sixty cents.
  • “Never before in the whole field of human conflict, has so much been owed by so many and to so few”.
  • “If Hitler invaded hell. I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the house of commons”
  • “My children it is permitted you in the time of great danger to walk with devil until you have cross the bridge”.
  • To his Colleagues, “Personal ambitions were to be submerged in the national emergency...
    …..an even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British fleet, would carry on the struggle, until in God ‘s good time, the new world with all his powers and might step forth to the rescue and liberation of the old”.
  • Striking Welsh minors tried to prevent the movement of a train at Llanelli, troops shot 2 men dead.
  • Churchill expressed that it would have been better to go on and give strikers a good trashing.
  • 1919… Room 40 was established; which evolved into the government code and Cypher school with the help of Churchill.
  • In spite of this, Germans achieved a number of early naval successes. In August two German Battleship GOEBEN and VRESLAU, escaped from the Adriatic from Dardanelles to Constantinople.
  • On 21st September Churchill boasted that if German fleet did not come out and fight they would be dugout like rats in a hole.Following day Germans sank three British cruisers with the loss of 1459 lives of the Dogger bank. Two more British cruiser were sunk off the coast of Chile.
  • His Admiral Richmond wrote in his diary “It is a tragedy that navy should be in such lunatic hands at this time “.
  • 1920 general election Churchill lost, “In the twinkling of an eye, I found myself without an office, without a seat, without a party and without an appendix”.
  • On 13th December 1931 Admiral Harwood secured victory at the battle of river Plate and Scuttling of ‘GRAFSPEE’, a few days later, February 1940 Churchill ordered the interception of ‘ALTMARK’ in Norwegian waters and saved British POW.
  • He advocated capital punishment as ’a great deterrent’.
  • Repudiated women suffrage as ‘Contrary to natural law’.
  • He was convinced that stinted millions crowded together in the ghastly urban slums of Britain were not fit to breed ‘An imperial race’.
  • “Asking me not to make a speech, is like asking a centipede not to put a foot on the ground”.
  • Without a convincing excuse, Churchill decided not to attend Roosevelt funeral in the spring of 1945; nor did he broadcast to the nation on the occasion.
  • During Boer war …”And let us say at once…no exchange of prisoners”.
  • “Why I would not be out of this glorious delicious war for anything the world could give me’.
  • “A syndicate may compile an encyclopedia, only a man can write a book”.
  • “Conquer or die”.
  • 1897 young Winston was posted in India as lieutenant in 4th HUSSAR. Keen to see ‘action’, he managed as a ‘war correspondent ‘for the newspaper ‘‘Pioneer’. In NW frontiers he was face to face when Malakand field force operating against rebel tribes.
  • Churchill made all efforts to make Roosevelt join the war as ally. When Roosevelt’s representative Harry Hopkins arrived in London, Churchill went all out to impress and even prepare a statement himself. Harry Hopkins listens to the long sermons by Churchill without a word and then summoned up “ Well Mr. Prime Minister, I don’t think the president will give a damn for all that .You see we are only interested in seeing that Goddamn son of a bitch Hitler gets licked”.

AND MANY MANY MORE………………………………………………………

“I was forty nine when I posed for the cover of playboy magazine. I looked good. So why not? As you age you get the face you deserve” - JOAN COLLINS
Honesty is the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination dishonesty is the second best policy. - GEORGE CORLIN
Money – the one thing that keeps us in touch with our children. - BRANDRETH
Sex education may be a good idea in the SCHOOLS, but I don’t believe the kids should be given homework. - BILL CROSBY
I wanna a live till I die, No more no less. - EDDIE IZZAID
It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world everyday always just fits the newspaper. - JERRY ESINFELD
AT my age I do what Mark Twin did. I get my daily paper, look up the obituaries page and if I am not there, I carry on as usual. - PATRICK MOORE
Personally I know nothing about sex, because I ‘he always been married. - ZSA ZSA GABOX
Where there’s a will – there’s a relative. - RICKY GERVAIS
Sex is more fun than cars, but cars refuel quicker than men. - GERMAINE GREER
A woman should have four pets in her life. A mink in her closet, a Jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed and a jackass who pays for everything. - PARIS HILTON
Grahm Green‘s courtship of Vivien was beset by problems .As a catholic, she did not want to marry a man who was not. Her deeply religious nature with fear of sex even led him for a time to propose a ‘celibate marriage’.
Croly once asked me if I have read a certain book “yes I have reviewed it”. I said “To read a book you review is wrong it creates Prejudice”.
Walter De La Mare was recovering well from his illness. His younger daughter asked him before leaving “If there anything I can get for you, fruits or flowers. No no my dear; too late for fruits, too soon for flower, Replied Mare.
Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. - TIMOTHY LEARY

Koh-I-Noor-Diamond of Diamonds

Alauddin Khilji defeated Raja Deva of Malwa (Golconda) in 1305 and took possession of all the royal jewellery, which included the Koh-I-Noor.

In 1526 Ibrahim Lodi gave it to Raja Vikramaditya of Gwalior to induce him to fight Babar. Later Humayun captured the Raja's family and extracted the diamond. He was in turn chased out by Shershah Suri.

Humayun wandered off to Iran where he presented the Koh-I-Noor to Shah Tahmup (of Iran) who in turn presented it to Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar and got the Koh-I-Noor found its way to India. In 1600, Akbar conquered Ahmednagar and got the Koh-I-Noor and had it fix on his crown.

Aurangzeb entrusted one Borgio, a Venetian lapidary, to make it shine better. In the process it lost seventy- five percent of its weight, which came down to 186 carats from its original 793 carats.

In 1739, Nadir Shah defeated Muhammad Shah Rangila who hid it in his turban. After a session of drinks, turbans were mutually exchanged and thus the Koh-I-Noor found its way back to Persia.

In 1751, Afghan Chieftain Ahmad Shah Durrani was presented the diamond for restoring Shah Rukh to the Throne of Iran, who’s descendent Shah Suja, when dethroned, took shelter with Raja Ranjit Singh of Punjab.

Ranjit Singh forced Shah Suja and Extracted the diamond, and had it placed in his bracelet.

In 1850 Lord Dalhousie asked Raja Dilip Singh, descendent of Rajit Singh, to present it to Queen Victoria in England.

“I can never decide whether my dreams are the result of my thoughts or my thoughts or my thoughts are the result of my dreams. – D.H. LAWRENCE


A photographer of Broadway stars, famous for her snapshots of Broadway sets and stars, for publication in magazine like “Life".

Darby often put her subject interest above her own……refusing once to photograph Ingrid Bergman for fear of passing on her cold.

She stopped taking photos in 1968, saying she has lost her enthusiasm for the theatre, after seeing the musical ‘Hair’.

“The only thing that improves with age are the ‘good old days’. “


His views:

  • I have long ago made up my mind. The question is to get other people to agree.
  • Marriage-What do you need? Cigars, champagne and a double bed.
  • A woman is as old as she looks, man is as old as he feels, and a boy is as old as he is treated.
  • We have a lot of anxieties and one cancel out another very often.
  • The inherent vice of the capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The vibrant virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.
  • The glory of light cannot exist without its shadows.
  • Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because, as has been said, it is the quality which guarantees all other.
  • When danger is far off we may think of our weakness; when it is near we must not forget our strength.
  • Death is the greatest gift that God has made to us.
  • Rare and precious is the truly disinterested man
  • What a slender threat the greatest of things can hang by.
  • In finance, everything that is agreeable is unsound and everything that is sound is disagreeable.
  • If you destroy a free market, you create a black market.
  • It is much better to be frightened now than to be killed thereafter.
  • Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.
  • Harsh laws are at times better than no laws at all.
  • Persevere towards those objective which are lighted for us by all the wisdom and inspiration of the past.
  • …. Everyone has his day, and some days last longer than others.
  • The worst quarrel only arise when both sides are equally in the right and in the wrong.
  • We cannot say, “The past is the past”, without surrendering the future.
  • …. If we open a quarrel between the past and the present, we shall find that we have lost the future.
  • The longer you look, the farther you can look forward.
  • Perhaps it is better to be irresponsible and right than to be responsible and wrong.
  • You must put your head into the lion’s mouth, if the performance is to be a success.
  • Solvency is valueless without security, and security is impossible to achieve without solvency.
  • If we win, nobody would care. If we lose, there will be nobody.
  • It is no use doing what you like, you have got to like what you do.
  • In war, Resolution. In defeat, Defiance. In victory, Magnanimity. In peace, Good will.
  • Avenue the champagne is the world’s most drinkable address.
  • Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy, then an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then it becomes a tyrant and, in the last stage, just you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.
  • Your task, my boy, is to make cosmos out of chaos.
  • He is a marvellous comedian- Bolshvic politics and delightful in conversation.
    (Re. Charlie Chaplin)
  • It is dangerous to meddle with Admirals when they say they can’t do things. They have always got the weather as fuel or something to argue about.
  • Let them have it. Remember this. Never maltreat an enemy by halves.
  • Many congratulations on becoming an officer and a gentleman. Don’t let the double promotion go to your head.
  • Those who talk of revolution ought to be prepared for the guideline.
  • All I can say that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.
  • Although always prepared for martyrdom, I prefer that it should be postponed.
  • I get my exercise serving as pall-bearer to my friends who exercise all their lives.
  • Like chasing a quinine pill around a cow pasture.
    (Re. Golf)

After the uprising of 1857, Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah was exiled to Rangoon, he was charged with sedition against his own empire.

“Indians divided by creed, caste, Tribal loyalties, feudal resentment, personal grudges, envy & greed, sometimes fought with each other instead of the real enemy, the British.”
-Llewellyn Jones

Rani of Orchha opposed Rani of Jhansi and siding with the British.

  • 1912- Scot made it to the South Pole. It was 35 days later than Norwegian explorer “Amundsen” who had left his tent and letters on the Pole as first claimant of Antarctic Pole.
  • Oats was a member of Scots team, mesmerised by sheer adventure. Ae walked out in a blizzard uttering “I am just going out and may be sometime”.
  • He was never seen again.
  • 1959- Antarctic Treaty was claimed as a Protected Region of special scientific interest and Research.
“Vikram Sarabhai used his resistance to Indians first Nuclear Explosion and his relationship with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi including the suggestion of a degree of flirtatiousness with her”.
-Amrita Shah in “Vikram Sarabhai”

The Modern Wit – Shelley Klein

When I eventually met Mr Right, I had no idea that his first name was Always.
-Rita Rodness
Swans mate for life, and look how bad tempered they are.
My love life is terrible. The last time I was inside of a woman when I visited the “Statue of Liberty”.
-Woody Allen
Every woman must have four pets in her life. A Mink in her closet. A Jaguar in her garage. A Tiger in her bed. And a Jackass who pays for everything.
-Paris Hilton
He has left his body to science – And science is contesting the will.
-David Frost
Scandal is something that brings the society together.
-Max Clifford
I think the less time you have left in life, the faster you should drive. The old people should be allowed to drive their age.
If you are 80 do 80
If you are 100 do 100
-Jerry Seinfeld
Sex is more fun than cars, but cars refuel quicker than men.
-Germaine Greer
When a man opens the car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.
-Prince Philip
Where there’s a will – there is a relative.
-Ricky Gervais
Personally I know nothing about sex, because I have always been married.
-Zsa Zsa Gabor
At my age, I do what Mark Twain did. I get my daily paper, look up the Obituaries page and if I am not there, I carry on as usual.
-Patrick Moore
Honesty is the best policy, but it is important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second-best policy.
-George Carlin
Money – The One thing that keeps us in touch with our children.
-Gyles Brandreth
A bank is a place that will lend you the money if you can prove, you don’t need it.
-Bob Hope
Sex education may be a good idea in the schools, but I don’t believe the kids should be given homework.
-Bill Crosby
I wanna live till I die. No more No less.
-Eddie Izzard
It is amazing that the amount of News that happens in the world everyday always just fits the News Papers.
-Jerry Seinfeld
To err is human, but to really foul things up, you need a computer.
-Paul Ehrlich

Arthur Miller

His views:

  • I know some men who live alone and its misery.
  • Living together is the most difficult thing there is because it is about constant tolerance and forgiveness.
  • I have no formal religion but there is space in my head for it. May be I’d believe in God if he believes in me.
  • Uncertainty serves to be the only true principle.
  • What I write comes from my soul; what I feel is the best evidence I have.

Sheer pleasure of being alive.

If I have a secret at all, it is that I do just what I want.
-Cary Grant

  • Lust and love constitute a significant theme of life. In the end it is all lust, as long as youth allows you to indulge it – love is just an aura given by a romantic and after that it is all fantasy.
  • Marx was right in calling religion the opiate of the masses. There are no answers to questions like where we come from, what happens to us when we die.
  • A factual life is very dreary. You have to add Mirch Masala to it.
  • Socialising is such a waste of time.
It is a daunting task to do nothing.
-Kushwant Singh

I look back elegiacally on my life as an obsessive reader…. I think of those sublime periods of lamp-lit solitude, where in Wallace Stevens’ phrase “the reader becomes the book”. It can still happen, but it has something of the character of the occasional lovemaking of a long-married couple, in that it reminds me of how things have changed, of how frequently I am now consumed by a passion that was once a routine.
-Geoff Dyer (Jeff in Venice, death in Varanasi)

Any successful union has to have differences only which leads to lust to unite. Unless we differ, we cannot remain in the union of our choice.

If you can spare, why not to spare for “Have Nots”.

“A smooth sea never produced a skilful navigator”.
-Prof. CD Narasimhaiah
There is more in men to admire than despise.
-Albert Camus

RC Mujumdar, noted historian has depicted in his “History of Bengal”, that the revolt against the Indigo planters, by the local peasants in 19th century was the forerunner of Indian’s Freedom Movements.

It was the famous book “Neel Darpan” which ignited the flame.
In 1860, District Magistrate Sir WL Towers had indicated in his judgement.
…. Not a chest of Indigo reached England without being stained with Human Blood.
…. and such system carrying on Indigo; I consider to be a system of bloodshed.

Kohima War – 1944

History is a silent reminder of “Britain’s First Battle” of WWII. This was literary fought hand to hand on a tennis court adjoining the DC Bungalow in Kohima.

The “Tennis Court Battle” was also called the battle under the cherry Tree, which was adjacent to “Japanese Sniper Post”.

As many as 1200 Indians and British laid their lives fighting the Japanese.

After the Kohima War, famous lines engraved on the Tombstone:

“When you go home, tell them of us and say ‘For your tomorrow we gave our Today’”.

1857 was the watershed year in history of communal relations in India.

Before 1857 there were no communal riots. The Mughals, the Nawabs of Awadh and Murshidabad and Arcot, Tipu Sultan and Nizam of Hyderabad promoted communal harmony including liberal grants to Hindu Temples.

It was only after the suppression of 1857 feeling that British took to Divide and Rule.

The Secretary of state for India, Sir Charles Wood advised Lord Elgin in 1867:
“We have maintained our power in India by playing off one community against another. Must continue to do so, Do all you can, therefore to prevent all having a common feeling”.

Similar advice was doled out to Lord Dufferin by Vicount Cross in 1887.

Advising Lord Curzon; George Hamilton even advocated to plan Education Text Books, to further enhance the differences between two communities.
-M. Katju (In Divide & Rule)


  • James Sutherland had some of the following literary anecdotes of interest.
  • Shakespeare asked a boy running home why he was going in such a haste. The prompt reply was “to see my godfather”. Shakespeare consoled “why are you so superfluous? Have you not learnt yet that you should not use the name of god in vain”
  • Edmund Walles wrote some good verses pleasing to Lady Sutherland, who asked “Mr. walles, when will you write such fine verses again?”. “Oh madam, when your ladyship is as young again”.
  • Milton was busy writing his “Paradise Lost” when plague devastated London, followed by the great fire, the author received £5 down from publisher ad was to receive £5 extra for every new edition.
  • Milton lived to receive the second £5 and no more. £10 in all for “Paradise Lost”
  • John Sheffield shifted to his estate (Yorkshire) to dodge the great plague of London. He was much loved and admired by his people, who asked on his return to London “At what time may we hope for the happiness of seeing your lordship again?” He replied “My worthy friends, I shall make a point of being with you again, at the next plague”.
  • Monboddo and Lord Kames had sovereign content for each other's work. Soon after “elements of criticism” was published, Lord Kames met Monboddo and asked “Have you read my book”. “I have not my lord. You write a great deal faster than I am able to read”.
  • Charles Howard published a silly book ‘Thoughts’. He met Foote at a coffee house and asked if he had read the book ‘Thoughts’. “No” replied Foote. “I wait for the second volume because I have heard second thoughts were best”.
  • At the famous beef steak club, Lord Sandwich asked Samuel Foot; "I have often wondered what catastrophe would bring you to your end, but i think you must either die of the pox or the halter."
  • Foot came out instantaneously "that will depend upon one of the two contingencies - whether I embrace your lord ship mistress or your lordship principles"
  • Lord Mansfield “suppose we believe one half of what he tells”. Johnson replies “Ay, but we don't know which half to believe”.
  • Yeats was dining with Thomas Hardy and asked him “What do you do Hardy about the books that are sent to you for signature?”
  • Hardy took him upstairs, rooms were covered from floor to ceiling with books. “Yeats, these are the books that were sent to me for signature”
  • Walter De La Mare was recovering well from this illness. His younger daughter asked him before going out “Is there anything i could get for you, fruits or vegetables?” “No, no my dear, too late for fruits, too soon for flowers” replied Mare.
  • T.S Eliot was asked if he agrees with the definition that most editors are failed writers. “Perhaps, but so are most writers”.
  • Craly once asked me if I had read a certain book. “Yes Ihad reviewed it” I said. “To read a book you review, is wrong. It creates a prejudice”.
  • Sir Lewis Morris was bitter on not getting accolades on his book “The epic of Hades”. “It is a complete conspiracy of silence without me.! What ought I to do, Oscar?”
  • "Join it with happy readiness” replied Oscar.

Though English rule in India is one of the noblest things in the world today, through its subsidiaries would he a heavy blow to civilization, yet it's impoverishing the country. Britain has secured peace for India, but compels her to pay a price so heavy for the as to make the invasion & pillaging of all previous conquerors insignificant by comparison. ~ Christine Bremmer, 1807
The foundation of British rule in India laid on expediency. The main motto is self-interest. ~ Christine Bremmer, 1847
  • It was the ladies who lost us the umpire. As Jenny Sharpe points out one of the most eloquent silence in mutiny writings, concerns the fate of lower class soldiers wives in India, and, of course, the focus is always on the fate of European women as opposed to native women. In effect she notes “The native women is not rapable”.
  • And although it may be true that in this rebellion severity is mercy, yet on the other hand there have been cases of ruthless slaughter, of which perhaps, the said the better. But the most haunting image remains that of a terror - stricken mother and a laughing baby. In a rare moment in women's mutiny writing, the agents of terror evoked by the text are not the rebels, but the British, and in a rare insight the Indian Woman is shown to be rapeable.

Keeling is introducing us to the mammals.

Some interesting facts:

  • Ears of the wild cat are flattened and points sideways. It has thick tail ending abruptly.
    On the contrary domestic cat ears stand up smartly.
  • Animals live very badly when kept in zoo in countries of which they themselves are native.
  • In South America hunters keep pack of dogs for hunting Puma, dogs flush puma out of the bushes and chase him up a tree when hunters follow.
  • The Barbary lion of North Africa is the largest lion in the world.
  • When lions were kept in tower of London; a lion name Pompey lived for 75 years.
  • Claws of a Cheetah are not retractable.
  • Cheetah is a cannibal.
  • Civet unlike other cats has its feet “Plantigrade” i.e. whole of the sole of the foot is placed flat on the ground for walk. This is contrary to “Digitigrade” of other cats where toes are just put down for a swift runner.
  • Poodle was first bred in Germany.
  • Chihuahua (she-wah-wah) originated in Spain and not in Mexico mostly believed.
  • In 1012 Napoleon's Army was retreating from Moseau, 24 soldiers were eaten by wolves.
  • Just after 2nd world war at Frontier Post in Poland, retreating soldiers were eaten by wolves.
  • Coyote is the sandy colored wolf of America (South and North)
  • DIngo of Australia is a descendant of the “Dhole” the Indian red dog.
  • Fox's home is called “Earth”.
  • Cape hunting dog originally comes from South Africa.
  • Hyena:
    -Is spotted in Africa
    -Striped in India
    -Small brown in North West Africa.
  • Donkey lives longer than horses.
  • Zebra is of four kinds:
  • Amoa is the smallest of wild called from Celebus.
  • Oxpecker is also known as Rhinoceros Bind.
  • Nilgai is the largest antelope and gives birth to 2 foals at a time.
  • Pringbuck or pronghorn comes from North America.
  • Chamois (Sham-wa) is able to sum up cliffs faces, found in the south of Europe.
  • Antelope has hollow horns which last all its life.
  • Deer has solid horns which shed every year.
  • Fallow Deer is the only deer of Africa.
  • Pere David Deer: A French Missionary watched this herd at Royal Palace in Peking. A living pair was surprisingly presented to French Ambassador, who sent them to France.
  • In 1900 Boxers Rebellion broke out and these antelopes were let loose in Peking and were eaten by local people.
    Subsequently Duke of Bedford ran an extensive park at Wabum.
  • Warthog is an ungainly animal of Africa.
  • Sheep are grazers.
  • Goats are browsers.
  • Ferret - Descended from pole cat.
  • Otter and its home is called “Holt”
  • Only justification for killing any wild animal:
    If starving.
    If sheer self defense.
    If incurably ill.
  • Honey badger or Ratel has very thick skin and fur.
  • Wolverine on Glutton is found in North America and Asia.
  • Skunk is native of America and Africa.
  • gorilla is a type of skunk.
  • Raccoon coatimundi is found in North America.
  • Panda - is a native of China. Eats only soft bamboo leaves.
  • Lesser on Common Panda belongs to Weasel family.
    Giant Panda belongs to Bear family.
  • Walrus is a giant seal.
  • Sun bear belongs to Malaysia.
  • Kodiak bear belongs to America.
  • Spectacled Bear belongs to Peru and Chile.
  • Himalayan Bear belongs to India.
    Smaller American Bear.
  • Rodents gnaw to keep their growing incisors down by constantly growing.
  • Under this family come:
  • Capybara is the Largest Rodent.
  • Beaver of North America is a wonderful engineer by damming flowing water for his use.
  • Porcupine could be:
    -Bush tail
  • Baboon and Guinea baboon enjoy vulture meat which they devain even with the wings.
  • Loris of of two types; slow and slender.
  • Deers are herbivorous ruminants who chew the cud.
  • Antelopes are with stags also called hart of stau Royal.
  • Buck may also be called hind, Doe, or Ewe.

According to R.Perry,

  • A jaguar:
    -Is more numerous in MotoGrone and Amazonia.
    -It has extraordinary ability to leap out of water as high as 12 feet.
    -Jaguar fishing consist of fish being lured by tapping with its tail, and then flipping them out on the bank with his paw.
  • Desmond Yaraday, was warden of a private reserve around. His job included taking water readings. On one occasion when a well-known crocodile Mulembe, clamped over down a she cheetah which was enjoying lapping water, Author shot the crocodile but couldn't nurse back the she cheetah, a young mother. Search for the cubs began. Male cheetah appeared on scene and defended her pelt from hyenas.
  • Next Morning he followed the cheetahs spoor and found the lair. Three taramy grey cubs was the reward. His Rex, the bitch refused to let them suck her milk faucets. Only a she cub cheeky Charlie survived. A well-known primitive bushman named her Gara Yaka, who enjoyed playing with Rex and her cubs, Invariably Rex flushed out francolin from bush for Gara yaka sheltered downwind of birds. Once her eyes were on an impala which was hunted down by a pride of lion.
  • Once two elephant bulls like good Samaritans propped up and helped a third injured bull.
  • Gara Yaka once got caught in springy sapling fixed with piano wire. Author caught the butcher and taught them a listen. Gara Yaka was injured and sick, was cured by mutti, the native fever breaker herb.
  • Once Mutt and Jeff, the pet crocs defended the jaws from saddleback jackals. It was said that rex was taken away by leopard, said indeed. Baboons were seen living in caves and fissures eating vulture meat.
  • A waterbuck escaped to water on seeing Gara Yaka. A crocodile held it by its muzzle and also fought with Gara Yaka. Once an elephant charged the author. It was Gara Yakas criss crossing which saw him to the nearest hut,
    In fight to the end a python got better of mulembe. Stones and diamonds were discovered from inside its stomach. Gara Yaka lived freely thereafter.


  • At very young age I was at Meham now Haryana where father was a physical instructor in a boys school.He also taught maths and was popular with boys.
  • One evening boys were playing football in school play ground. Suddenly there was a roar of laughter,loud and louder.Goel keeper on my right had kicked the ball that went straight through the opposite goal. A freak, I cannot forget.
  • My initial school was St. Francis girls school at Daryaganj Ganj , Delhi. Boys were allowed till class IV. very well managed by British lady Principal assisted by Indian Christian lady teachers. they gave a good foundation.
  • After independence when I passed class VI , I was shifted to Anglo Sanskrit Victroria Jublee School in close vicinity. Initial months were perplexing as it was all boys mostly from Chandni Chowk Area , w ere rather noisy ,naughty and rowdy.
  • Once our school had hockey match with another school scheduled at Delhi Polytechnic grounds. that morning I saw many many boys with hockey sticks.... Puzzling!!..when there are suppose to be eleven players each side.Match started with noise, abuses and slogans and raising of hockey sticks from both sides.All my doubts were cleared when first goal was scored against our school. many many hockey sticks came into free play from both sides. Quite a few of us had to rush out to save ourselves. This confirmed that 'boys will be boys.'
  • We had an excellent maths teacher in class IX. He projected the solution step by step. so far so good.If after this if anyone of us dare point out 'IF' ,this numerical is different, how to tackle it?.
  • He had only one reply for such supposition : "If family members had not expired we would have a full army with us".
  • I forgot is name . May God give him peace.
  • Around 1965 I was posted aboard a dredger in the river Hooghly. as a senior Surregar I was to keep regular shoaling pattern of the area dredged to facilitate deeper draft for merchant ships inward or outwards of Calcutta Port.
  • The dredging trip which was usually for ten days was somehow doubled. this created the problem for young officers and men, Captain chief engineer took lenient view allowing an employee to have one night in town.
  • I was sitting in chief engineer office when a young engineer expressed with humour that after long sailing he has forgotten how to F....., chief with a grin uttered " In that case I am allowing you one more night so that your will you on the path."
  • During final passing out parade in 1957 for our senior cadet on training ship ' Dufferin' we were blessed by a visit by none other than Our Vice President Dr. Radha Krishan welcomed by us all in uniform accompanied by Naval bank, saluting and respects from all angles; Dr. Radha Krishsn was taken aback by all the show and shine and humbly uttered " This is not the place for me. I am a teacher."
  • Such humility we all remember as it touched our heart. in his speeches and writings one thing is certain that ' Godess Saraswati' had her abode in him.
  • Way back in fifties, Our principal in ASVJ school had only one motif in life ; Let my students do well.Since it was government aided school, he after ,he reminded us "The cobbler who sits outside our school wall, pays taxes when he buys tools and thread. It s that money that gives us a chance to learn. don't let him down."
  • Many Salutes to Late Mr. Amar Nath Ukhal who devoted all his life for betterment of his students.
  • While we were in school, there was cricket match between India and Australia. daily ticket was Rs 1.50 which to us then was an expensive. So three of us, Jag Mohan , Ved and myself pooled and took courage to buy one ticket. We had a draw of a coin. Jag Mohan witnessed it till lunch, Ved till tea and myself after tea break. I was so excited when I entered the stadium, what I saw is memorable for life, Vinoo Maxnkad with his short reach managed to take six wickets. Stadium had gone berserk and I was in trance for next few days even describing to other boys was so exciting.
  • With so much of restrictions and inseructions, we boys were shy of girls. I was keen used collector. once a friend with similar interests took me to an apartment ( or rather entrance to stairs). He yelled the name of a girl who came down with her duplicate collection to exchange stamps with us .All went well.
  • A few days later I took the courage to respect this solely myself with my stamps carefully sorted out , I ventured to be at the same spot. I was mumb, because I didn't have a courage to shout her name for being misunderstood. Discretion is the better part of valour.
  • When I was young , poverty was galore. there was tendency to keep the town trodden down and thereby enhance your image.
  • One evening in our Draya Ganj, house, some elders were talking and laughing while sitting in lawn, suddenly a nearby labourer appeared with an empty bucket. he only wanted to fill us his bucket with our tap water.
  • My grandmother gave him a big sermon but no water as it does not came free!!
  • There were several servant quarters outside our entrance at Darya Ganj, Delhi. These were occupied by people of all sorts mostly lower class the ladder, one man Chand son of sweeper was around 15 and play with us: Gulli Dunda, cycling ( on hire) etc. one fine day he told us that his father and family took him to nearby village and got him hooked. he continued is natural smile till one day he declared that he had divorced is wife. They were together for six months. Behold ! Without much loss of time he was remarried...very confusing it was !
  • Man's elder brother Sukhan was married in an open field nearby. We had the chance to witness. All went well till the couple was asked to to round in a pre defined circle. the bride was given a stick. She was told to trash her husband for once now as he is likely to hit her in future as a matter of routine. As they went around with girl trying to bash the boy; there was uncontrolled laughter till the ceremony was complet.Another baffling experience.
  • The sweeper to our house was treated 'untouchable ' once he w as reprimanded for opening the water tap on his own.He defended himself by citing his sub caste to justify the act.Beyond our young imagination.
  • I remember the tram car of Chandni Chowk ,Delhi, convenient,but it was faster to walk and people coming in and going out at will while tram moved at its own pace.
  • My Chachaji ( younger brother of my father) was not keeping well for long. My grandmother was much attached to him.She was confident that he will recover and enjoy a new.
  • I've including a new wife. She was sure that " Aurat tou Admi ke paer ki jhuti ho it hai, jab marzi badahal lou." Even then I felt it was partisan and cruel.
  • My grand father inherited a sizeable property in Rohtak. He squandered it all for his indulgence in liquor ,opium, dancing girls and what not. His own family came last.
  • My grand father was very interested in Hindi movies. Once he took me to see 'Shehanai' at majestic cinema, Chandni Chowk. house was full and in no time full of smoke delight.
  • In one scene a woman sings for the delight of audience (now I know the song sung by Amir Bai Karmatki ; "Mar katari mar jana ke akhiyan kise firse milana na."
  • As t he song started the shore of coin s commenced unabated on the screen.I was tempted to go and pick up some coins.Grand pa couldn't allow. I can yet recalled that temptation.
  • Somehow festival of Holi has not much fascinated me in my life in my younger days.Invariably on Holi day I would pick up my book and note book and cycle all the way from Darya Ganj to India gate spend the good part of the day isolated under a tree. I returned back when all the day was over. Life as normal.
  • When I was pretty young I was introduced to AIR ( all India radio station ) children program . I often managed to have my joke, cleared by the fellow incharge.( this was prior to the actual broadcast). Sometimes I was rewarded and unearthly some pf rupees for my recital on such day. After the program I went straight to a stamp vendor at Connuaght placement spent a good part of my fortune on stamps of my choice , great satisfaction.
  • Well after I passed out of school the son of our chemistry teacher , Mr. Mukandi Lal stood first in the higher secondary board. When we congratulated him he expressed his regret that the boy hasn't broken the previous records.
  • "Never compromise with aims and achievements"
  • Way back around 1975, it was an necessary routine to shop in the morning for the benefit of our family and Loudon street, Calcutta . Quite close was the residence of Athar who had the similar routine. We were together on training ship 'Dufferin'.
  • One evening I phrased Athar not to miss the old movie 'Sikander' starring Prithvi Raj Kapoor,Sahrah Modi and Pretty Veena, which was to be released on T.V.
  • It was Sunday morning when we met as usual at Park Circus Market. Athar was dazed and numb 'Veena is very very beautiful' was all he uttered. I brought him to earth by recounting dominant Prthvi Raj Kapoor and forceful dialogues of Sahrah Modi . Yes , beauty can mesmerise you.
  • It was in early 1960 staying at out Backfors Bungalow- R.S.chamery, Calcutta . One Saturday I was at racecourse far far and doe. I was doing well with pocket full of notes .
  • When I went to the counter to place my next bet; I froze my pocket had been picket neat and clean , luckily there were notes left in the shirt pocket.
  • Out of the vengeance , I put the rest of the money on my favourite horse ' Vinicitor '. As a pauper and with a inexcusable neglect; I watched the horse are holding my breath.
  • Behold ' Vincitor' won and my pockets were full again.
  • As a respect to my parents, my mother's cousin Dr. a.R Verma took us to see a movie ' Parwana' starring immortal signer KL Sehgal. I was asked to accompany. 'Minerva' close to Delhi Railway Station was the cinema hall.Dr. Verma had done his doctorate from Cambridge where he taught Physics for long, when love for his country brought him back .He was professor of physic in Delhi university on his return.A pure vegetarian and simple habits always encouraged me to do better. Later on he was director of NPL( National physical Laboratory).
  • So we were with Dr Sehgal who to me remained all time great!! 'Parwana' began so was the smoke from numerous smokers well before longed for interval, it was hot and full of smoke and murky screen. During interval, the door were opened for the much sought after fresh air. A double reward was a cup of ice cream to all of us. What a relief ! Those were the days.The means of conveyance was 'Tonga' where sitting in front, I felt if I could hop on to the horse 's back.
  • Immediately after independence, Urdu was replaced by Hindi, practically overnight.My second language at St. Francis School was Urdu at which I was doing well. It was a shock to me on entering ASVJ School in class V . The medium of instruction was Hindi, I had no option but to deliver into some Hindi Alphabet books .Onwards which I purchased second hand at Nai Sarak book Bazaar. It took me timeo catch up but I was with the class at few months, I had no difficulty where Sanskrit was introduced in class VI.
  • In class VIII we were taught mathematics by our class teacher Shri Ram Nath. He was most simple and devoted teacher, who was always willing to re explain to satisfy all the students. he still remains my favourite teCher with a smiling face. Later we were told that Shrim Ram Nath was himself never passed class VIII , of which he was so dutifully in - charge.He had done VTC( Vernacular Teacher Training) to find a job in a Government School. Efficient and devotion aglore!
  • 'My hats off o him for ever!'
  • Early childhood reminds me of seeing my father conversing with school poem as to why he was eating raw lady finger ; His confident reply was that it cures 'Deafness' . Hope it does!
  • One evening walking with my father we reached the so called 'Outer gate' of the place, we came across a Sathu. After exchanging greetings and taking stock of weather, my father asked him the cure of cough. Take 'Saunth' (dried ginger powder).I understand it did work for all of us.We were thirsty and looked for water for which there was no provision. We roamed about and found River Jamuna flowing peacefully so close.Would you believe it, I can't, that we drank .River was to our hearts content. Hearty thirst with full gust.
  • I shiver to think what we have subsequently done to River Jamuna !!
  • Around 1950's while in ASVJ School, we had a senior teacher Shri Sadanand . He was our class teacher in class X very handsome, tall and immueately dressed. For very important announcements, including any corrections in IAS written exam , he was called upon to clarify an school announcement System. Annual results of school was so articulately read out by him.
  • It was the era of unemployment ( so it remains till today) . While in good mood , once he informed us while taking English lesson, that for every engineer there are four acruseers. So he had all the intentions to groom his son as overseer, more likely to get an employment. We who had bit high ambitions were taken a back.
"Evil can be glossed over by innocence but in the end sub same it" Joh Boyne in ' The bay in striped Pajamas'
" print era is shackle for Twitter world."
In 1879, HeneryGeorge of Us Wrote' Progress and poverty' - the association of poverty with progress.
Looking around I confirmed that there are no more games for games. Resultants are sheer aims for gains - comes what may.
Please do not prod 'experts' and force them into saying something that is unnecessary and provocative.- on Electronic Media.
Contentment is natural wealth. Luxury is Artificial poverty.
If you get good wife you are doubly blessed, If you don't get good wife you will become philosopher. -Socrates.
" I appreciate what is is already mine. for once a thing is published it becomes public property."
" Why should I look at my hand, as it so cleverly write these words and decide that it is mere nothing compared to the mind that directs it. Is there really any huge Difference between my hand and my brain? Or my mind?"- D.H Lawrence
It was the 1st of january 1900, that Dr. Iola shudder (an american) began her task of healing ministry in Vellore, a hat and dusty village in south India .
Endured with a healing touch in medicines and ‘ Lucky Hand’ in surgery ; she was a relentless devoted soul.
she founded the ‘christian medical college’ popular known as CMC, which has cured millions including me ; when over two decades back i was operated for a ‘ Brain tumour’
It was CMC that bestowed upon me under Sapen expert a gentle Dr, Matthew Chandy this able team , a life favour to lead a normal life . Thanks for my every breath . - captain R.K Mehta
“ When you are comfortable within, your own skin, you are beautiful.”- Millo Jorovich
Longevity is a blessing but age is a curse.
People who can visualise, prefer radio to television
‘Time and tide never severe,
Those whom love has bound for ever,
Manvers are the outward expressions of expert interior decoration,
My life is not my own, i belong to the public and my work’
- Noel Coward
As of now, good part of its world is thoroughly distributed as never before.
This does indicate a touch of prosperity
Empty stomachs don't fight and that too for so long.
(How) has to be proved thoroughly to usher in the long awaited peace.
living on your own knees for a while, gives you the chance to rise to your object again, while death anmuls the future together.
To gain there goals, thus rajputs fought for honours, the Marathas fought to win.
Knowing when to fight and when to yield is the essence of success, in life as well as in war.
- warface and weaponry
- Gommans and kolff
Viceroys Agents

Some interesting events:

  • Raja Bhupender Singh of Patiala ordered that the resident officers should have every gun of his salute.But guns should be loaded of a quarter charge.
  • The salute for resident went off in a succession of merry little pops like the opening a row of champagne battles.
  • Political agent of Baluchistan was Khan Bhadur Chareb Khan.Vicerory conveyed him that he has deeply offended many loyal and emminent citizens by calling his dog ' Khan Bahadur'.
  • 'I will change' was the prompt reply by the political agent.Few weeks later it was discovered that he was calling his dog ' Rai Bahadur' !
  • One guest of a small state was in rites to ' Tiger Shoot'.He was surprised as he approached the machine, to find the tiger fast asleep beside the kill, morning loudly.To ensure success the kill had been laced with opium.
  • Resident at Indore was presented with a usual basket of fruits on X-mass.Defring to the bottom he found 100gold mohars.
  • Furious at being offered a bribe, he wrote an angry letter to the Regent Maharani.
  • She replied apologetically that she had inspected the state records and found that 100 gold mohars were always presented to the resident on Chrismas, was it not enough? Perhaps the resident would indicate how much he considered suitable ?
  • Investigations revealed year a fire year,the residents servants had pocketed this windfall.
  • ADC to Lord Willingdon was fed up with the Lady.He exclaimed ' I can't take it longer. I am going back to my Regiment.'
  • Lord Willlingdon who liked dropping in on the ADC's room as overheard' My bay, I never had a regiment to go back to.'
  • Kolharpur was supplied with sausages from Polish Camp.The villagers complained that there was a earth of donkeys t hat the poles having brought them.
  • Soon there was no more sausages...

  • In February 1947 cornfield, political adviser to Viceroy Lord Wavell, went as far his weekly talk.
  • Viceroy passed him a letter across the table; ' what do you think of that?'
  • The viceroy had been sacked,in the curtesy and most inconsiderable manner.The public arrangement being made on the day of his daughters marriage.
  • An honest policeman rigs the evidence to convict a young man he knows is guilty.
  • The dishonest policeman rigs the evidence to convict a man he knows is innocent.
  • ........ ' Of course it was unfair,but I often had to remind myself that my court was of law and not necessarily of justice'.-Thompson, District Magistrate , NW Frontier Province
  • Wazirstan Political Officer facing irritate crowd which yelled ' You are the political officers haven't you got balls'.
  • Political officers put bath his hands in pockets and after a while ' I always thought I had balls, but I can't search them.' On this cold, The angry crowd fizzled out with laughter.
  • Cook of political officer of NW Province,stole good China and also sudomised the mess boy.P.O was furious, you rascal! How could you do such a thing? 'Veseline Sir, Veseline..
  • Motto of East India Company ;
    ' Heaven s light our guide'
    I was also the motto for Training Ship. ' Dufferin '
  • Mountbatten hoped to be , after Independence and partition, joint Governor General of India and Pakistan.
  • At Delhi Airport, in the presence of huge crowd, including reporters newsreel photographer,Nehru kissed Lady Mountbatten .
  • The incident sent a short wave from end to cent. By it Nehru betrayed his friend Mountbatten, deliberately labelling him and his wife as ' Congress Property '.
  • Jinnah who was present ,was appalled. If there had been any chance of Mountbatten being acceptable as Governor General of Pakistan, fizzled out.
  • Jinnah went to Nizam to persuade him to join Pakistan, He was a facing Nizam with open top button.Furious Nizam chased him out' How can a Bombay Lawyer behave like this',shattering Jinnah's dream.
  • S.P Verma depicts flora and fauna in Mughal Art : One painting depicts an actual incident in which Akbar slew a tigress that suddenly attacked the Royal Coualcade.

For naturalist the fancy of interest is the usually a light colouring of two of her five cubed.Experts say these are clearly white tigers.

A lady passenger asked , her taxi driver in midst of traffic jam "can't you go a little faster? "
" I can madam ,but I am not allowed to leave the taxi."
Faith in an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caraum of thinking.- Khalil Gibran
The narrower the mind the wider the mouth.
Use soft wards for criticisms ___ In case you ave to eat them.
Remarkably handsome Lord Mountbatten was said to be a 'Gay '
After the outrage of Jalllianwalla Baghdad in which hundreds of unarmed men and women and children were mowed down in an enclosure from which they could not escape; the SGPC gave the perpetrator Dyer a Saropa ( robe of honour) -Akhitesh Mittal in Itihas(July/1997 - Asian Age)
I pray very little regard to what a young person says on the subject of marriage.If they profess a disinclination for it, I only set it down that they haven't seen the right person yet. ---Jane Austin
Claret is the liquor for boys : Port for men , but he who aspires to be a hero (smiling) must drink Brandy. -Samuel Johnson in James Baswell's Samual Johnson (1791)
War never settle who is right - only who is left.
Disputation between Philosopher and a Theologian as Juban Huxley narrates :
The Theologian used he old quip about a philosopher remembering a blind mass in a dark rooms, looking for a black cat which was not there.
' That may be ' said the Philosopher ' but a Theologian would have found it.'

"What just trembling the world is not faith as Suchitra its superstructure called religion.Religions have out lived their purpose and lost their original structure.They have gone into he hands of fundamentalist.

When the zealots of a religion cause harm to society, what s immediately needed is a quick and strong disapproval from the persons of the some faith, especially moderates.